The mouth wants to fire up the basketball goal again

“As the rise of the Usti basket is seen and perceived by the wider public, we want to continue,” said General Manager Tomas Hruby. His motto is: If you do not go high, you will not get too high. The shot wants again at least sixth place, last year’s history, and sell the hall as last.

How to do it? “Every coach says he wants to go out of defense, we too,” Hrubý says. “But we’d also like the shooting basket.And to go to the full hall, we need to win again. ”

On Monday’s first round in Nymburk it did not work, but defeat 66:85 is a promise. “The match ended with 19 points, which I would take from all ten,” said coach Martin Stavěl. “Even with the unarmed team, we have proved that we are able to play with our opponent like Nymburk half-time. Then the forces went away, we played in a tight rotation. “The home premiere will take place on 1 October with Opava.

The Sun has set up a new team. The five remaining players brought just under six percent of the points scored last year to the Usti Bank. Especially the departure of the best league cannister Kwamaina Mitchello to the newcomer of the Polish league Polfarmex Kutno, the fans were crying.

“Last year, Mitchell leaned back.It was so special that sometimes it was a one man show, “says Hrubý about the superstar on the run. “Now we want to split the shooting into more players. At playmaker Čarnecký, Rahon, who burns from all positions, sells the experience also Alice, Laroche knows the Czech league. The track on the perimeter is good, there is our greatest strength. We have a good position for four. ”

Only the classic five, a heavy pivot, was not found. Aaron Anderson did not betting according to schemes pass the tests, so the new Mitchell Patton will try to do it. It’s in Ústí since Friday. High, stingy, subcoat…and especially that name! Will it predestine it for Ustian success? “Until I see him play, I’d rather not say anything.” Some American acquisitions Coach Building once again chose at a camp in Las Vegas.

The budget does not stop but does not bump.He remained the same. “We are not fools to spend a lot of money for one year, and others were looking for no longer,” Hrubý said. The amount of the budget would be published if all the clubs did – that would give it a green light. “It is certain that it is fulfilled before the season. We do not harakiri. ”

Conversely. Pandas tease the youth to have where to take. “There was a hole in the youth, but Tonda Pištěcký kicked it up, we are how to open your Unibet account going for the third year and we have successes. The ideal is that we will reach our ranks within six eight years, and there will be five in six, “Hrubý said.

The Sun has reconstructed not only the team but also the hall. The hips were warmed, the unsightly windows changed, a new palubovka was laid and a club logo painted in the center. “The softness of the board was one of the main requirements.We chose a German company and a surface that has been Decin for ten years and is happy with it, “he pleads with Hrubý.

The reconstruction was related to the restrictions in the preparation. In the Sun Sport Center, the team first free online betting trained on Wednesday, otherwise it was flying around the city. “He was such a stick under his feet, a tiny handicap. Team chemistry, though, is better, but it is better when boys share one dressing room. We’ll catch it all! ”