The beginning of the NHL is approaching. Who controls the demanding Central Division?

If the heaviest division in the NHL were chosen, most experts and fans would most likely give the Central vote. And the reason is not just (almost) infallible Chicago and his three Stanley Cups from the last seven seasons.

There are also Dallas and St. Louis, the clubs that ranked first in the Western Conference last year. Nashville, Minnesota and Winnipeg are also more successful. Colorado Avalanche

Two times in a row, the play-off has begun, and this is not the case for Colorado. Coach Roy did not take Roy and gave his testimony in the summer. Cabin disagreements were evident at the end of last season. Then the disappointed Roy leaned into the team’s leaders.It came to him that the gifted Landeskog, MacKinnon and Duchene did not manage to pull the rest of the team away.

The departure of a strange man can benefit the team. He was replaced by 44-year-old Bednar, who will have to focus mainly on defense. While the Colorado attack relies on speed and skill, it will not be horrible. The key will be how goalkeeper Varlamov, who has woken for the last two years, will lead.

Due to ruthless competition in the Central Division, Avalanche will probably continue to suffer.There are talents, but progress to play-off would be a surprise.

Czechs in the team: without representation. Dallas Stars

Even the sovereign Washington, with the best scorer of the Ovechkin league, did not give more goals than last season Dallas. Assault Stars went through the main section, enjoyed matches, and overall 267 goals. Captain Ben’s alliance and cunning Seguin betting analysis proved to be good again, but it was good for Bull Klingberg.

But in the play-off, this machine was not far away. In the first round Dallas played Minnesota, but on strong St. Louis was not enough. Reason? Not very compact defense and average goalkeepers.The Finns Niemi and Lehtonen were insecure in the play-off, they coached.

The club kept both goalkeepers, which is a big risk. Se Stars are counting on the top division, but in the play-off – when they usually do not play as much hockey as they did in the base – they could come across again.

The club lost a number of important hits last season Saad, Sharp, Oduya) did not have a major influence on this. The Blackhawks were again dangerous, especially thanks to Panarin – Anisimov – Kane, who played with the rivals. American Kane became the best player of the season.

It is expected that this trio will be showing miracles even this year. In addition, the captain, Toews, and Marián Hossa, who showed on the World Cup, has a lot to offer.Keith and Seabrook will be defeated by defending, all in the Canadian Crawford representative.

Chicago has not lost its pillars and is fighting for play-off. He does not have such a broad body as before. The third and fourth five are composed of poorly tested players. Czech fans will be interested in how Michal Kempny will lead and whether the experienced beak Michal Rozsíval will penetrate the group.

The dream of a long ride in the play-off year is going to go wrong. The team can defeat the best, sometimes performs modern, energetic hockey and collects prize-winning. But then the time of the Fall comes, and Wild flies down the table.

The last season was similar. The terrible winter months, when Minnesota plunged to the bottom of the conference, replaced a promising spring.But fans are impatient, so coach Yeo has to cope.

It was made by the seasoned Boudreau, who has a unique balance: during the nine seasons he won the Division eight times (4 times with Washington, 4 times with Anaheim). At the same time, he does not play-off – his the best sports betting online teams seem to have put all the strength into the base, and in the spring they have nothing to take.

Is it going to happen to Minnesota?

Previously so strenuous and costly playing Nashville is slowly turning into one of the NHL’s TOP teams. Two years ago, coach Laviolette, who likes an active, offensive game, came in. During the last season, the young Beow Jones left for the Predators to get the promising Johansen Center.

And in June, a surprising tread appears to show that Nashville really wants to attack rather than defend.Captain Weber was replaced by Subban. A tough bullet with a hard shot replaced the beck excellent skating and very offensive.

Manager Poile has concluded that Weber has already had the best years behind us and that the current NHL is a more valid Subban. If you set up with agile Josh, and Ekholm and Ellis will continue to improve, Nashville will probably be the best defense in the league. One of the favorites of the Western Conference.

A dreaded team that traditionally relies on strength and emphasis. It is also decorated with a skill that is handled mainly by the Russian talisman Tarasenko. In the spring of the Blues, in a thrilling battle for seven males in the first round of play-off they beat Chicago. Then Dallas. They did not have a run on San Jose.

It was a good season, but the truth is, Louis is heading higher.They belong to the teams that follow the motto: Stanley Cup or nothing. If we do not get to the top, we were not successful. Such an approach was inspired by an experienced 64-year-old Hitchcock coach, for whom the upcoming season will be the last.

His interviews seem to be how he would like to finish at the best. As he liked after long years, he again stroked the Stanley Cup (he won with Dallas in 1999). It will be important for the team to fight with the departure of Charismatic Captain Backes, who signed with Boston.

The only Canadian club in the Central Division. But passionate fans have not enjoyed much joy. Last season the team did not reach the playoff again, the best teams in the conference were not enough.

Then there was a good news.Winnipeg was lucky in the draft lottery that he decided to choose the second in the NHL draft 2016.

In June, the club chose an 18-year-old Finnish youngster, Laine, who was astonished at the championship in Russia a month ago. The style of the game is reminiscent of Ovechkin and Jets are hoping to win the NHL this year.

The question is who will catch. Pavelec and Hutchinson will be the first to play. But none of them are among the top 15 NHL goalkeepers, which reduces Winnipeg’s chance to play. The talented Hellebuyck probably has only a seat in AHL. It is, however, excluded that during the season one of his older colleagues will be stamped on the tribune.